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Please welcome Sarah Marsh today – she’s showing us her latest in a series called Coalition Mates – yum.

You don’t want to miss this! :)


Hello there! Thank you so much to Tina for having me here today on her blog to introduce my latest release, Eve’s Rescue; this is the third book in my Coalition Mates series. Our heroine Evangeline goes out for a fun night with the girls only to end up kidnapped, abducted and then rescued by the most unlikely of trios. Eve’s one tough lady with a pretty wacky and sarcastic sense of humour, so I really enjoyed writing her story. The Coalition Mates series is a science fiction romance with a liberal amount of humour thrown in, my goal with these books was to create something light and fun, with a good bit of grumble and grunt… who doesn’t enjoy that right?

I’ll tell you a little about myself before the book excerpts. I live in British Columbia, Canada; I have all my life. I went to culinary school and studied Pastry Arts, working as a Pastry Chef in Vancouver for five years. But the commute into the city got to me and I had to change careers back to an office. L I still work full time; I now work for a sporting goods wholesaler in accounting…which is where my twitchy creative side began to get restless…and as my Baba used to say, “Idle hands are the Devils playthings.” Or in my case, idle hands get me into all sorts of trouble; so I go a little bananas on the hobby side of things. I still love to cook and bake, I do a large amount of recipe creating and the boys at work certainly appreciate being sacrificed as taste testers.  I am also a stress knitter, to the point that I had to open my own Etsy shop to unload some of the scarves I make. Realistically there’re only so many scarves a gal can make and keep for herself before people start to judge you…. I also paint when the muse hits me, mostly abstract in acrylics. I love to garden and grow things, have a weakness for all animals, and an un-natural obsession for making jam. I literally made 24 different kinds of jam last summer, it’s a bit of a problem….but there’s just so many different kinds you can create! Who am I to say no to see what Tiger’s Blood jam would taste like? (it’s strawberry, watermelon and coconut by the way….and it was AMAZEBALLS.)

I’ve always had a love of reading, science fiction and paranormal genres have always fascinated me, so once I found myself addicted to romance novels it really only made sense that the sci fi romance genre drew me like a moth to a flame. I only started writing about a year ago, it took me a long time to get Sarah’s Crew to the point where I would let someone else read what I was writing, let alone send it into a publisher. But eventually I did and after one fairly nice rejection I moved on and found Siren. I’ve been so impressed at how supportive and helpful all the other Siren authors have been through this entire process, I’m a little on the shy side so the social media and marketing part of the writing process has been intimidating to say the least. My goal is to keep working on my writing skills and to hopefully improve with each book, and I hope that anyone who reads them enjoys the world that I’m trying to create! Thank you so much for reading!

a author cover - eve


Evangeline Scott was hoping for a fun night on the town after a hellish day. What she couldn’t have imagined was getting kidnapped by alien slavers and then left to die on an abandoned ship.

Kai Dallen and Roan Quinn were having some bad luck of their own when they found themselves set up by an old adversary and trapped in the vault of a Dhuaation Pharaoh’s ship with no way out. When Khaman-Ra makes them an offer they can’t refuse, the two space pirates end up rescuing a ship full of human female cargo. All three males are immediately drawn to one of the beauties and make an agreement to satisfy everyone’s desires. The only problem is, they didn’t think to ask Eve and when she wakes up to find that she’s now married to three aliens she’s mad as hell. By the time all four of them realise their true feelings, will it be too late, as a woman from Roan’s past threatens to ruin it all?

Story Excerpt:

Eve woke again, on a much softer bed this time, but as she stretched out her legs all the memories of waking up the first time came back to her. Kidnapped. Aliens. Can never go home again. Well shit.

She looked around the room to see if there were any random hot aliens staring at her again. When she didn’t see anyone she pulled the covers back and got out of bed. It was fairly easy to find the bathroom, but when it became clear that figuring out the facilities was going to be beyond her she let out a loud sigh and kicked the bulkhead wall. Almost immediately a knock came at the door.

“Yes?” she said cautiously as she grabbed the sheet back up and wrapped it around her like a toga.

The door slid open, and an older man in white robes smiled and took a step inside. Eve recognized him as one of the doctors that was there when she woke up the first time.

“My lady, you are awake. My name is Mhat-Am, and the pharaoh has asked me to make sure that your transition here is as pleasant as possible.” He said in a soothing voice.

“Hello, Mhatam, I’m Eve. How do you use the bathroom in this place?” she asked beginning to squirm a bit by this point.

“My lady, my name is Mhat-Am, not Mhatam. Allow me to show you,” he answered as he walked into the bathroom and pressed a couple of panels on the wall. When the toilet and shower came out he showed her how to use them.

“Okay, whatever. Thanks,” she said in a high voice as she pushed him back out of the bathroom and shut the door in his face before her bladder burst.

As she came back out of the washroom she was surprised to see the man laying out a dress for her on the bed. It looked like a cross between an ancient Greek toga and an Egyptian-style dress with elaborate gold belting. There was also a pair of sandals to go with it.

“Ah, my lady, do you need assistance dressing?” he asked in what she had to admit was a very non-skeevy tone for an older man asking a young woman if she needed help dressing, so she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and not be a bitch about it.

“Thanks, Matty, but I think I can figure it out. I appreciate the dress. Is there something else you needed?” she asked trying politely to get him out of her room so she could try to figure out just what the hell she was going to do now that she was stuck on an alien spaceship.

He tensed up and looked confused for a moment, then he must have remembered that she had no idea what she was doing here, because he relaxed and smiled patiently at her again.

“Yes, my lady, your husband and his consorts have assigned me the honor of being your tutor and companion until you have acclimated to your new circumstance,” he answered proudly.

Eve stood unblinking across from him for several moments.

“I’m sorry, I think I just hallucinated. I thought you said husband,” she said with a seriously confused frown.

“You are unwell, my lady? Shall we go to medical? The pharaoh would be quite distressed if we did not address this right away,” he said quickly, taking a step toward her.

“Stop,” she said, her hands coming up. “Did you or did you not just use the word husband in relation to me?”

Once again the poor man gave her the confused tilted puppy dog look, and she started to think perhaps it was just a translation error and that the word meant something else to these aliens. Relief instantly flowed through her. That had to be it. He must mean something completely different, and here she was, typical freaking out Earther newbie, losing her shit over some grammatical error. How embarrassing, well funny, yeah, but embarrassing nonetheless. Once he could see her relaxing he also let out a relieved sigh and smiled.

“Yes, my lady, your husband, or would that be husbands by your Earth standards? Dhuaatian mating habits do not normally include anyone other than the primary couple. However, there certainly is no law prohibiting more than two persons from entering into a marriage contract. I have so many questions about your planet. We will learn much from each other over the next while, don’t you think?” he said, rambling on, sounding like an excited child talking about a trip to the zoo.

Eve didn’t really hear much after the word husband came out of his mouth again, oh, except for the word husbands that followed shortly after it. She for damn sure heard that!

“This better be some miscommunication, Matty! Because I’m one hundred percent sure that I don’t remember getting hitched in between getting kidnapped and waking up in here!” she yelled at the old man as his eyes grew wider and wider, realizing his mistake.

“Miss, I am sorry to distress you. There was no other way for the pharaoh to ensure your safety. You had to be mated, or the slavers would just have tried to acquire you once again. This way you have the protection of the Coalition as well as the Dhuaatian people, and no slaver would dare come after you now,” he said, taking her hand, trying to soothe her.

“But you said husbands. Did he marry me off to a harem or something?” she asked. She realized that shooting the messenger wasn’t the fairest of responses, but who the hell marries someone while they are passed out?

“Oh no, my lady, the pharaoh married you himself. As well as the Sirotian security chiefs Lord Kai and Lord Roan. The four of you are now bound,” he answered.

Adult Excerpt:

As she came back down from her orgasm, her mind was in a dreamy fog from coming so hard, and she could feel all of their hands softly caressing her body. Kham laid her head on the pillow and pulled her back into his arms, while Kai snuggled into her front. She could still feel both men’s hard throbbing cocks pressing up against her when she finally realized that none of them had come. Roan was settling in on the other side of Kai, pulling up the blanket to cover them all when she met his eyes.

“You guys didn’t get to…you know,” she said quietly, gesturing to the not-very-subtle tent that had formed at Roan’s crotch as he lay on his back.

She watched as he ran his hand down his chest and stomach, taking several firm passes up and down his hard cock. She could feel Kham’s hand tighten on her hip. Obviously he was also watching Roan’s little seduction. Her heart rate began to go up again as he teased her, and when she licked her lips a small smile lit his face as he continued to stroke himself.

“We are respecting your wishes, love, but for our first joining when we come, it will be inside of you,” Kham whispered in her ear with a small thrust of his hips against her ass.

Eve bit her lip and groaned at the sensation of his cock rubbing against her while she couldn’t take her eyes off of Roan’s hand.

“But you could be with…one another. I mean, I don’t mind that you are lovers,” she said in a breathy voice, just the thought of these men touching one another made her pussy clench, begging to be filled.

That comment had even Kai popping open his eyes to look at her face in surprise. Even Roan’s hand paused from stroking for a moment, and she could see him look to Kham.

“Why do you think we are lovers, Eve?” Kham pulled back a bit to look into her eyes.

“Umm, well just from what Mhat-Am told me about some things, and there’s a pretty obvious attraction between you.” Eve suddenly felt very stupid for saying anything about it in the first place. Maybe these guys weren’t as open about sex as she’d assumed.

“While we cannot deny the attraction between us, we are not lovers,” Kham answered neutrally, trying to gage how she felt about the idea.

“Yet,” Roan added as he resumed stoking his cock through the sheet, whereas Kham, forever the diplomat took the more cautious route. Roan could smell her interest peak when she spoke about them having sex. He was bound and determined to use every tool in their arsenal to move up Eve’s timetable after having tasted a sample of her passion. When a heated gasp left her luscious lips and her eyes once again tracked his hand he knew she was losing the battle. He slowly began to draw the sheet down over his stomach until the tip of his thick cock was revealed, and as he ran a thumb around the tip a small bead of moisture appeared. He could see her increase in breathing and her hands that were draped over Kai’s back now clutching at his partner. Behind her Kham’s hips had resumed their slow movements against her, and he could see the other man lick his lips as Roan continued to rub the head of his cock. It was almost more than his control could take, thinking about Kham’s golden lips wrapping around his hard cock, sucking him down while Eve watched them both. His other hand pulled the sheet down until his shaft was revealed, and he began to fondle his balls while he stroked.

Eve was sweating now, her hands grasping at Kai’s back to keep from reaching out to replace Roan’s hands with her own. Kham was still thrusting slowly against her ass, the pre-cum his cock had leaked making it a smooth glide in between her cheeks. Every time his fat tip paused and swept over the sensitive entrance to her ass she shuddered at the decadent tease of his movements. His hands had come up from her hip to massage at her breasts, and he was nibbling at her neck as he watched Roan stroke himself. All three of them were now groaning and though Kai had been quiet, she could feel the tension in him as he tried not to rub himself against her. She was almost completely out of control now. She slowly lifted her leg to drape it over Kai’s hip, bringing her now sopping pussy into close contact with his extremely hard cock. It was so hot, and all she wanted was something to fill her up. One stroke and she would be coming again. She whimpered in relief when she felt the spongy tip of Kai’s cock slip slowly up and down along her pussy a couple of times, then finally notch into her. For a couple of perfect seconds he was pushing just a fraction inside, about to give her body exactly what it was screaming for. Then the world came to a blinding halt when Kai’s hands stopped firmly on her hips and he pulled himself away.

“Stop,” he said, out of breath with the effort it took to pull back. “Eve laid out the rules, and I would not have her upset with herself or us when the lust of this moment is satisfied.”

That statement had both Kham and Roan groaning with regret as they stopped moving as well.

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Do you like M/M romance? #erotic

Do you like M/M romance? If you do, I have a treat for you.

Maggie Walsh, the newest Diva at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divas, gave us a sneak peek into her works.

Read on for more…


Hi everyone,

I just thought that seeing as this is my first time on Sweet N Sexy Diva’s, that I would introduce myself to you. My name is Maggie Walsh and I write M/M erotic romance for SirenBookStrand. Most of my books have to do with the paranormal. I love shifters and vampires, as well as witches, demons, angels, and fae. I have a series out called The Angel Pack, and it’s sister series called Beyond the Angel Pack. Both series have an ongoing story ARC that weaves through both series, so they do need to be read in order. I also have a stand alone book out called “The Beast Within”. It is an M/M rock and roll erotic romance. So today I am going to share with you the first book in my Angel series which is “Betrayal”, and also “The Beast Within”.  Thank you for having me here and I can’t wait to get to know everyone more.

Love Maggie


When Jesse and Taylor get kicked out of their homes they take off and end up in New York City. Jesse’s voice lands him a singing job at an all male club. When the owner discovers their secret, he offers to help them. That kind gesture turns into the biggest mistake of their lives.

When Micah hears the angelic voice coming from the beautiful man, his world turns upside down. Micah realizes that the angel is his mate. Now that he’s found him he may never get to claim him.

Someone is trying to kill Jesse. At the same time, someone from Micah’s past comes back to claim Micah as their own. Is it coincidence or a set up? When the person trying to kill Jesse accidentally gets Micah instead, can Jesse find the culprit and the cure before it’s too late? And if Micah survives, will he be able to move past the betrayal of one of his own?

“The Beast Within”

Eighteen year old Sky Taylor, the love of his life Mitch, and brother Ben want nothing more than to land a record contract. When a record exec offers only Sky a contract, he betrays them and ends up losing them.

Seven years later, Sky is the lead singer of the hottest all-gay Glamrock band around. Ghost Heart is the biggest guitarist in the world and has just become available. He is the hottest thing Sky has ever seen, but he’s straight.

The sexual tension between Sky and Ghost ignites, until Sky sees a memorial tattoo on Ghost’s back with the name of his first love, Mitch, on it.

Sky fights to find way past the guilt he feels over what he did to Mitch all those years ago, so that he can move forward and finally find some happiness. He hopes that happiness comes with Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t believe in relationships, or love.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Wicked Seduction is HERE #erotic

Wicked Seduction is here – book two in my Wicked Delights series.

Here’s the cover art, blurb, and a teaser – enjoy!

WickedSeduction_MSR (2)

Amazon – Ellora’s Cave


She’s survived abuse…he’ll teach her to trust passion and love.

Marnie’s getting her life together after escaping a violent relationship, a repeat of her parents’ past. Bearing scars on her arm and leg, she comes to Wicked Brand hoping tattoos will cover the damage and allow her to feel pretty.

Tor can work magic with his stunning 3-D designs and wants nothing more than to see Marnie smile. She’s a rare combination of sweet yet wickedly sensual. The kind of woman a man can’t easily resist.

He doesn’t try. Their sessions at the parlor turn into evenings of steamy delight as they feed their carnal hunger and growing intimacy, playing shameless games that leave them breathless and wanting more.

Paradise for Marnie—Tor cherishes and excites rather than harms, unlike her ex-boyfriend.

When he finds her, he’s ready to do his worst.

Think again. This time, Marnie’s no longer alone.

Teaser One

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Win an Erotic Romance #HotGuy

Don’t forget my latest Hot Guy contest. Your chance to win an erotic romance – 19 choices to choose from in contemporary, paranormal, menage, suspense. Full length, bestselling, award-winning.


Hot Guy 3


Welcome to my July Hot Guy Contest – hot hunks – free books.

After you’re finished drooling over the guy and licking the screen, read on for your chance to enter and win! :)

Rules: Simply leave a comment about the above picture and yummy guy AT THIS LINK: – and you’re entered in my July Hot Guy Contest – WINNER CHOSEN AT RANDOM.

Duration: Contest begins July 1 and runs through July 25 – Winner announced July 26

Prize: Winner chosen randomly and will receive her choice of one of my following books:

1. Lush Velvet Nightsebook – Reviewer’s TOP PICK the Pagan & the Pen; 5 ANGELS Fallen Angles Reviews; 5 STARS JERR



2.  Adored ebook – 4 stars Romantic Times; Second Place Winner NEC RWA contest!


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4.  In His Arms – ebook6 FIVE STAR REVIEWS – recommended read TwoLips Reviews



5. Sensual Stranger ebook Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category) Blue Moon Reviews

Recommended Read TwoLips Reviews – Best Book rating Whipped Cream Reviews – Five Siren Stones Siren Books Reviews – 5 STARS Top Pick Night Owl Reviews


6. The Yearningebook – Bestseller


Recommended Read Two Lips Reviews; Nominated for Book of the Week Whipped Cream Reviews; 4.5 Stars Sensual Reads

7. Take Me Awayebook

2nd Place Winner – 2012 NEC RWA CONTEST

Hot Stuff – #1 Pick – Miz Love Loves Books; 5 Stars – Romance Writers Reviews; 4.5 Hearts – The Romance Studio; 4 Stars – JERR; 5 Siren Stones – Siren Book Reviews

8. Unending Desireebook

Best Book Rating – LASR (Long & Short Reviews) – Nominated for Book of the Month; 4.5 Stars Sensual Reads; Recommended by ARe (All Romance ebooks); Library Journal reports, ‘…a tale so steamy, it comes with a warning’

9.  SiNNebook

Magnificent!! – Romancing the Book; 5 Stars – Mary’s Naughty Whispers; 5 Stars – Sensual Reads – Nominated for Book of the Week – Whipped Cream Reviews

10. Sinfully Wickedebook

Magnificent!! – Romancing the Book; 4 Stars – The Romance Studio; 4 Stars – LASR (Long and Short Reviews)

11. Claiming Magiqueebook

Top Pick – NOR; 5 Stars – Erotica for All; 4 Stars – United by Books; Recommended by ARe

Claiming Magique by Tina Donahue

12. Illicit Desireebook

4 Stars, Romantic Times; 4 Stars/5 Flames, The Jeep Diva

13. Come Fill Meebook

5 Stars – A True Gem, Guilty Pleasures; 4 Stars/5 Flames, The Jeep Diva

14. Losing Control – ebook

4.5 Stars – Sensual Reads; 4 Stars – The Romance Reviews

15. Shameless Desire – ebook

4.5 Stars – The Jeep Diva; 4 Stars – Sinful Sunday Book Reviews

16. Illicit Intent – ebook

4 1/2 stars – Sensual Reads; 4 Stars – NOR

17. Deep Within Me ebook

4 Stars – Romantic Times


18. Seven Sensuous Days – ebook

Four Stars – Long & Short Reviews

sevensensualdays_Hmsr (2)

19. Stolen Desire – ebook

Four Stars – Romantic Times


Good Luck!!!

“Certain images and/or photos on this page are the copyrighted property of 123RF Limited, its Contributors or Licensed Partners and are being used with permission under license. These images and/or photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from 123RF Limited”

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FB Party Celebration #giveaways

I’m having a  FB Party Celebration July 23 for the release of my newest romance Come and Get Your Love.


Join if you can – invite your friends – the more the merrier!


Banner for July 23 FB Event


Tina Donahue

Mardi Maxwell

Maggie Walsh

Desiree Holt

Serena Akeroyd

Cree Storm

Michelle Roth

Schedule of Author Appearances:

Time Zones Graphic for FB Party - July 23


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Red-hot Contest for Free Read #erotic

Jane’s here today with a red-hot contest for a free read – you don’t want to miss this.

Read on for details on how to win and for a sneak peek into her ebook I’ll Be Your Last. :)



Remember, if you’d care to leave a comment along with your e-mail address, I’ll choose a random poster to receive a gift card from Amazon for a free e-book I’ll Be Your Last.

Thanks to Tina for giving me this opportunity to honor the Supreme Court’s recent decision in favor of same sex marriages throughout this country. I’m featuring my gay Chicago cop novel. Two cops recognize their attraction to each other. Mack fights it out of fear of discovery of his sexuality. Romantic-minded Woody, helpless to resist, pursues the sexy, remote cop.

All the way back in 1999, a Chicago minister on the north side where I lived was suspended from his church for performing gay weddings.  I wrote a letter to the Chicago Sun-Times.

All you need is love –

I find it very odd that society glorifies movies and TV shows with bombings, shootings, stabbings and other acts of violence. But a minister who performs a marriage ceremony for two human beings who want to profess their love and commitment for each other is hated and reviled.  I support the Rev. Gregory Dell and people like him who prize love and caring over hate and violence.

A decade and a half later, and in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26, 2015 decision for same sex marriages to go forward in the entire country, I again offer my love, respect, and support to the GLBT community.

My small contribution has been to write stories and a novel starring same sex partners. His, Hers & His is an M/F/M ménage short, Educating Eris is an F/F super short, one of two stories in Scorching Mini Tales.

I’ll Be Your Last, an M/M novel, was published a few years ago by Siren. Here are two excerpts, one R-rated, one humorous and sweet, from I’ll Be Your Last.  If you’d care to leave a comment along with your e-mail address, I’ll choose a random poster to receive a gift card from Amazon for a free e-book I’ll Be Your Last.




a author cover - jane


Life dealt Mack Penchant a raw deal. He’s hidden his sexuality, the secret he’s carried since he was a teen, through the Marine Corps, and now as an undercover cop. The only relationships he believes possible for himself is the furry kind, with his dog Kiki. One young cop, though, drives him to a frenzy, and he fights his passions and needs every step of the way.

Woody Kane’s gaydar spots Mack the moment they meet. And even though Mack rejects him, Woody lusts after the perfect masculine body and wants him in his bed. Woody believes in commitment. Mack makes it clear he does not. Can Woody prove to Mack that he’s worthy of love? After all, he adopted a rescue dog. Isn’t that a start?

What peril will it take for Mack to accept Woody’s love and join him in a committed relationship?



Back in the squad room, Mack watched the kid talk with the others. Heat crawling through his belly and balls, inching down the insides of his thighs, he knew if he wasn’t careful, he’d find himself diving right into deep shit. The kid looked innocent as a baby, but Mack’s reaction to Woody Kane was hot as fire. Innocence and sex. He tried to ignore the twist in his gut, needed to ignore the pretty boy’s presence. Lusting after the kid and letting it show would destroy the life he’d built for himself.

At the end of shift, the team converged on a cop bar a block from the station, open early, very early in the morning, to let off some adrenaline before going home. The bar was much less dingy than the squad room and a lot warmer. The owner, a former cop, knew what the guys needed after a shift—a secure place to wind down after an op, unwatered drinks, and some comfort snacks. A wooden bar took up the long side of the narrow space. Sparkling mirrors behind it reflected glasses and bottles of booze. Neon signs advertised popular beers. A jukebox filled the back corner playing songs from the fifties to the present. Wooden booths marched down the side opposite the bar, tables down the center. Two factory workers just off their own third shift hunkered together at the bar. Otherwise, the cops had the place to themselves.

The team took over a booth and pulled a table over to make room for everyone. Mack glanced at the familiar faces of Arne, Rich, and Sam. They slumped in their seats, elbows leaning on the table. Sam Cooley rubbed at his big face and ended up fingering the stud in his ear.

The kid straddled a chair, bracing muscled, hairy forearms on the back. Mack caught himself staring but took a moment longer than was wise to look away. Jean-clad thighs jutted out on either side of the seat. His jaw clenched hard in arousal at the stock-masculine pose. How would all that sinew and muscle feel clamped around his waist? He had to suck in a breath, praying none of the guys could read his mind. Gulping his beer, he shifted his gaze and focused on the bottle’s label as if it imparted the most important information in the world.

His deeply-rooted sexual desires had always been at odds with his work life. The Marines and cops were not always known as the most tolerant of professions, but he’d loved the power and pride of the military. It had led him to police work, to the protection of the most vulnerable in society. This meant he’d had to hide a big part of his life, especially at work. If another cop was gay, he didn’t want to know about it. His privacy was important.

These days he did his prowling out of town where no one knew him. He was king of one-night stands, not even one night, just an hour. That was enough time to fuck a sweet, tight ass. No kissing and nothing else involving intimacy. Shooting his wad into another guy, a tight chute contracting around his cock, and releasing his frustration was his only goal.

Was Woody’s cock thick, too? His hardening penis throbbed inconveniently, eyelids drooping to half-mast. Damn. Mack’s gaze dipped to the other man’s feet. He suppressed a laugh at the unreliable connection between foot and cock size. But damn, the kid has big feet. He fought the fantasy of clamping his lips around the pretty boy’s dick and sucking every ounce of cum out of him.

It might be time for another trip out of town since he had the next couple days off. His sensitive cock surged in his jeans, shoving at his zipper in anticipation, a drop of pre-cum oozing warmly from its tip. Thankfully, the bar was dark, and no one would notice the wet spot on the front of his pants. Although, after an adrenaline-charged op, hard-ons were not that uncommon. Soldiers, cops, firemen, all were familiar with that state. Fucking another ass would make him forget Woody Kane’s.


“Woody, do you know where Penchant is?”

He stifled a sigh at Fred’s question. This was just wrong. He couldn’t work like this, always dreading the sight of Mack or the possibility of being teamed with him. He needed to make a decision about a transfer. “No,” he snapped, then decided he’d better chill. “Haven’t seen him all day.”

“I need you to pick up these two.” Fred handed him mug shots.

“I’ll get someone else to team with. I have no idea where Mack is.”

“I don’t like this. He’s not answering his cell or his pager. Swing by his place and see if he’s there. If he’s not, let me know.”

Son of a bitch, Woody fumed. Now he could add babysitting to his resume. And his niece, Evie, was much more pleasant to be with.

Woody drove down the street. Two-flats and low-rise apartment buildings lined each side. Pulling in next to the curb, he spotted Mack strolling easily along the sidewalk. Last night’s snow had been shoveled off the cement, but it looked like he had a big snowball at his feet.

Good Lord, it was a dog. Popping out of his car, he leaned back against the door, crossed his arms over his chest, and waited. Mack didn’t see him at first.

“Are you kidding me? It looks like you have one of my sister’s old fuzzy bedroom slippers there.”

Mack’s head came up, at first surprised, then obviously scowling at him. “Shut up.”

Woody chuckled. “Is he yours?” Surely, he was walking the little white fluff ball for an old lady neighbor.

“Yeah, she’s mine. Got a problem with that?”

“Touchy, touchy, man. I’m just having a hard time seeing you with such a…” He didn’t think he’d better finish that sentence. Mack looked murderous.

“You weren’t supposed to see her.”

Woody took that as a sharp jab to the heart. It was pretty clear Mack had no intention of ever opening up. Not even to let on that he owned a dog. Stunned into silence, he listened as Mack explained.

“I got her from a shelter. She kind of picked me. I don’t know why,” he blurted abruptly.

The day was cold and clear with bright sun and a sky so blue it hurt your eyes. Woody couldn’t see Mack’s expression behind the aviators. “What’s her name?” he asked in a small voice, sensing it was the best way to keep Mack talking. Maybe this was the way into him.


“Kiki?” Woody squatted down and ruffled the hair over her neck and around her ears. “Sorry for calling you a bedroom slipper. You’re much cuter than that.”

“Yeah. She was four when I got her, and it was too late to change her name,” he added almost defensively.

“Is this why you leave so fast?” The words were out before he could stop them.


Partly. Woody paused, but Mack didn’t elaborate.

“I have to walk her around the block. She hasn’t done her business yet.”


“Why are you here, Kane?”

“Oh, yeah. Fred tried to reach you. Don’t you have your phone?”

“Jesus. I’m off duty. It’s upstairs.”

“Okay, okay. No big deal.”

“What’s going on?”

Woody pulled out the mug shots. “We have to pick these guys up.”

“Okay. Come on, Kiki. Be a good girl and get it done. I’ve got to get you home.”

This time Woody couldn’t hold back his laughter, and he was gratified to see Mack smile. He hoped that meant the world hadn’t come to an end because his care for his dog had been discovered. As they paced behind Kiki, Woody asked, “What do you mean she picked you?”

Mack took a deep breath, looked out toward the street for a moment, and said, “She came right up to me and squatted to take a piss.”

“Got your attention, I guess.”

“Yup. Luckily, I got away in time, but then she put her paws on my leg with her tail whipping madly back and forth until I picked her up.” He shook his head. “I don’t really know what made me go into the shelter. I could hear the barking inside when I walked by.”

“I could see you with a Labrador or a shepherd.”

“Too much alpha testosterone in one apartment.” Mack shrugged.

“That I can believe. With this one, I think she’s top dog.”

“Yup,” Mack agreed. “No doubt about that, huh Kiki?”

Woody, even though he’d sworn off thinking about a relationship with Mack, was thoroughly charmed by their few moments walking the dog. It felt good. No pressure, so sexual tension. Dare he think friendship?

He waited in the car while Kiki was settled back in her apartment. Mack took the passenger seat armed, cell phoned up, and ready to roll. “Do the other guys know about her?”

“No, and they’re not going to, are they?” he responded with a menacing glance.





Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, “Why don’t you write them down?” Why not, indeed? One spiral notebook, a pen and the unleashing of my imagination later, and here I am with more than a dozen books published. The craft of writing erotic romance has become my passion and my niche in life. I love every part of the creative process — developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories. My careers have been varied — third grade school teacher, bookkeeper, secretary — none of which gave me a bit of inspiration. But now I’m lucky enough to write romance full time — the best job in the universe!

Jane Leopold Quinn

My Romance:  Love With a Scorching Sensuality

Amazon Author Page


My Books


Loving Valentine

His, Hers & His

The Keeper

Soldier, Come Home

Winning Violetta

A Promise at Dawn

Jake and Ivy

Wooing the Librarian

Home to Stay

The Long Road to You

Her Hero


Love Awakens—Erotic Vampire Romance

Ancient Ties

Scorching Mini Tales—Educating Eris and My Parisian Sabbatical


I’ll Be Your Last


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Roaring 20s Romance #romance

This roaring 20s romance sounds like a delightful tale!

Please welcome Nancy here today and check out her awesome cover, blurb, excerpt and contest!


Nancy will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly chosen winner via Rafflecopter.

The publisher has put the book on sale for $0.99 from July 12-14.

a author cover - mysterious


by Nancy Fraser


In the Roaring Twenties…

A former Hello Girl during WWI, widowed Ariel Pennybaker served her country proudly. She now carries on her late husband’s legacy…a home for the many returning, injured soldiers.

With her year of mourning nearly at an end, she’s had enough of her self-imposed celibacy. It’s time to get back in the game.

A chance meeting with a handsome WWI aviator has her imagining thoroughly naughty thoughts. When a second man walks into her life, her naughty thoughts turn downright decadent. What better way to fulfil her fantasies than by sharing both men’s beds.

As tempting as the idea is, Ariel has a huge secret, one she must protect at all costs. And, it’s possible one or both of her lovers is not what he seems.


“Retired or not, I see you still possess that infamous flyboy charm.”

He shrugged, the lift of his shoulders drawing her attention to their width and the way he held himself.

“Charming beautiful women was part of basic training,” he quipped. “Right up there with learning how to fly an airplane.”

His cheeky answer set her senses on alert. “I would think the flight instruction to be far more important than lessons on charm and seduction.”

“When you get right down to it, they’re very similar. It takes finesse to handle the throttle of a plane. You have to know exactly how much pressure to put on the stick, how to maneuver the knobs, and when to let the plane go on its own.”

The smooth tenor of his voice ratcheted her heart rate up yet another notch. “Really?” she said, her breath catching in her throat.

“There’s that one moment…when the plane is hanging there in the sky. You’ve given her all the encouragement she can take, urged her as far as she can go without breaking. Then, at just the right moment, she bursts forth with a second wind, lurches forward, and bounds unfettered across the bright blue sky.”

The sudden urge to fan herself had her clenching her hands into fists and pressing them to her sides. “It must be exciting…the flying, I mean.”

“As I said, not that different from seducing a woman. Both take a light touch at first—a gentle stroke until they’re primed. Followed by a more commanding hold, just before they reach the pinnacle of their endurance.”

A low groan escaped her throat, drawing his outright laugh.

“You make flying sound a lot like copulation, Major. Surely, when you were up in the air defeating our enemies, your attention was on something other than carnal activities.”

He leaned forward until his mouth hovered scant millimeters from her ear. His warm breath fanned over her cheek. “It’s all about a successful ending, Mrs. Pennybaker. Nothing prepares you for the climax of a good dogfight or the climax of a purely sexual encounter. They should both take your breath away.”

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a author banner mysterious

a author photo mysterious

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Like most authors, Nancy Fraser began writing at an early age, usually on the walls and with crayons or, heaven forbid, permanent markers. Her love of writing often made her the English teacher’s pet, which, of course, resulted in a whole lot of teasing. Still, it was worth it.

Published in multiple genres, Nancy currently writes for four publishers. She has published twenty-two books in both full-length and novella format. Nancy is currently working on a second fairy tale for Decadent Publishing.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five beautiful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.




Twitter:  @nfraserauthor



Amazon Author Page:

BN Author Page:

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Thunderclap my new release #romance

Need your help! I have a Thunderclap campaign going for my newest release Come and Get Your Love. Would appreciate if you’d support the campaign and Thunderclap  my new release. Click on the link to support – thanks!




Their desire wasn’t supposed to be real…

With millions willed to her in an incentive trust, Lissa can get the dough to start her own country music label when she meets one of the no-contest clauses. Namely, reach middle age in twenty years, work in the hated family business for a decade, or marry someone not in the music biz.

Marriage it is, at least for a year to satisfy her greedy brother who wants the inheritance.

Enter Cass, a hot Texas rancher who dampens Lissa’s panties. With a pile of medical bills from his brother’s accident, Cass agrees to wed Lissa. She’s sweet to look at, surprisingly pleasant for an Atlanta debutante, and makes his jeans feel tight as hell despite their no-sex contract.

Uh-huh. The devil’s in the details. Longing gazes turn to tender intimacy and wild nights with pretend feeling all too real.

Damn shame it may be too late with her brother gunning for them both.


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RB4U Christmas in July Contest #contest

You don’t want to miss the RB4U Christmas in July Contest!
WELCOME TO OUR ANNUAL “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” CONTEST! It may be HOT outside, but Santa is dancing and ready to deliver some COOL prizes!ONE winners will get a $100 Gift Card for Amazon/B&N and TEN other winners will split the  remaining prizes. Contest starts 1 July and ends 23 July at midnight ET.

To enter: Go to this link: Find the 20 author/industry rep pages that have the DANCING SANTA icon like the ones you see above (this page and the Welcome Page don’t count). Make a list of the names of those pages (ex: Marianne Stephens, Secret Cravings Publishing, etc.) and send your list to:  Be sure to look at all author pages AND Industry rep pages!

NOTE: Snail mail prizes only shipped to US or Canadian addresses. Before sending your entry, add the country where you live, please!
PRIZE LIST: – And Additional Prizes Still Being Added!
1. $100 GC for Amazon or B&N from RB4U.
2. 2016 Ellora’s Cave CAVEMAN calendar from romance author Marianne Stephens.
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9. Ebook of Crashing into Love by romance author Melissa Keir.
10. Bundle of 3 ebook Christmas stories from romance author Desiree Holt.
11. Ecopy of Ether & Elephants by romance author Cindy Spencer Pape.
12. Sweet Awakenings series (4 books) in any ebook format winner prefers from romance author Nicole Morgan.
13. Three backlist ebooks – list provided to winner) from romance author Tina Donahue.
14. Three books (ebook or print) from the Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3: SEAL’s Promise, SEAL My Home, and SEAL’s Code, from romance author Sharon Hamilton.
15. Ebook copy of A Groom for Christmas by romance author Cara Marsi.
16. Three ebooks from backlist books by romance author Jean Hart Stewart.
17. $10 Amazon GC from romance author Renee Vincent.
18. Ebook copy of Christmas Spirits by romance author Gemma Juliana.
19. Ebook copy of Almost Perfect by romance author Polly McCrillis.
20. $10 Amazon GC from romance author Paris Brandon.
21. Dream Catcher to celebrate the new release of Spirit Catcher by romance author Judy Baker.
22. Kindle copy of Mistletoe Waltz by romance author Alanna Lucas.
23. Three different winners for: Print copy of Mail Order Outlaw and Mail Order Doctor AND upcoming book, Mail Order Baron by romance author Cynthis Woolf.
24. Ebook of Matrix Crystal Christmas by romance author Janice Seagraves.
25. Kindle edition of Hello, Goodbye fy romance author Tess Delacour.
26. E-copy of Marked for Love by romance author Anna J. Stewart.
27. PDF file of Proving Ground by romance author Stanalei Fletcher.
28. Audio book of The Sin Factor by romance author Sandy Loyd.
29. Print copy of the 2014 Christmas Collection featuring Mr. Christmas Elf by romance author Stephanie Burkhart.
30. $10 GC for Secret Cravings Publishing from SCP.
31. $15 Amazon GC from romance author Sam Cheever.
32. Ecopy of Twilight’s Encore by romance author Jacquie Biggar.
33. $10 gc for Coffeetime Romance by romance author Denyse Bridger.
34.  E-book  copy of Changing all the Rules, plus a Romance keychain I create from lovely necklace pendants and silver and colored key chain rings from romance author Fran Lee.
35. Kindle copy of Rosalyn’s Ring by romance author Alina K. Field.
36. Trade size paperback “Family Secrets:A Vengeance of Tears” by romance author R. Ann Siracusa.
37. Ebook or Audio book, winner’s choice from backlist books by Joanne Jaytanie.
38. Ebook copy of HEAT LIGHTNING and an ebook copy of JUST ONE LOOK by romance author Joan Reeves.
39. E-book download of  Christmas Rescue by romance author Sultry Summers.

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$150 GC Giveaway #contest #romance

Check out this $150 GC Giveaway


reader apreciation banner

It’s summer! What a glorious season! My friends and I want to make your summer even better with a chance to win a $150 gift card and mystery swag package!

Enter our rafflecopter for a chance to win, and discover great authors and amazing reader blogs! Click the names below to visit and explore!


Cynthia D’Alba

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Paige Tyler

Aubrey Wynne

Sabrina York


I am Indeed

Night Owl Reviews

Riverina Romantics

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Erotic, Contemporary, Paranormal, Menage