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Another smokin’ hot box set. Sabrina York’s here today to give you a glimpse into her cowboy story.

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If you love sexy cowboy romance books, get ready for a
12-pack of ‘em from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors!



I AM NOT YOUR MELODY – Shoshanna Evers 

CHASE AND SEDUCTION – Randi Alexander 


THE HARDER THEY FALL – Beth Williamson 

THE REAL MCCOY – Sabrina York 

BADASS – Sable Hunter 


CUPID’S COWBOY – Becky McGraw 

Read more about The Real McCoy by Sabrina York
When Crystal Wilson gets roped into a wild, girls-only weekend at a rowdy “stud” ranch, the last thing she wants to do is tangle with
a bunch of half-naked men pretending to be cowboys. But when she meets Ford McCoy, she can’t help but be attracted to his dark, dominant, gruff appeal.
What she doesn’t know is that Ford isn’t a stripper. He’s her friend’s overprotective brother, there to make sure his little sister doesn’t get into any trouble. She’s surprised at the passion that flares between them. In fact, what she has with Ford might just be what she’s been looking for all along.
It’s a pity the sexy rancher isn’t in the market for a city
She shouldn’t have taken the shot.
For God’s sake, what had she been thinking? She’d been on a
low-carb, low-calorie diet—with no alcohol—for a month. Not because Blaine had called her fat. That had nothing to do with it. She just wanted… She just wanted to do it for herself. Yeah.
It wasn’t like he was coming back or anything. And it wasn’t like she’d let him.
But it would be awesome to run into him somewhere, say the
bank or the coffee shop or that bar on Grill Street, looking like a vixen. She only had ten pounds to go to hit vixen weight. It was a helluva ten pounds.
They didn’t seem to want to budge.
And damn, she really wanted something to eat.
And damn, the tequila had hit her hard.
So hard she’d left the weekend kickoff party—although, to be
honest, she’d wanted to leave since the pumping music and the grinding bodies and the strobing lights were starting to make her eyelid twitch. As down-home country as the bedrooms were at this ranch-slash-resort, they sure knew how to throw a bacchanal at night.
It was pleasanter out here behind the house, staring up at
the stars and enjoying the kiss of a soft breeze. There were no sounds but the rustle of the leaves in the trees, the crickets and the occasional croak of a frog.
Her head hardly spun at all.
She leaned back and closed her eyes and imagined how amazing
it would feel to be twenty-one again and interested in those kinds of men. To rub against a hard chest and feel his thickly muscled arms hold her close.
But none of those boys had ignited a flicker of interest in
her. They’d all been rubbed smooth. Although several of them, and one in particular, had made it clear he wanted to dance for her.
It was a damn shame.
It would have been fun.
What kind of man would she want, if she wanted a man? Tall,
for sure. Broad. Hard. Rough. Maybe a little wicked twinkle in his eye.
A door slammed to her right and her eyes flew open. She
blinked as a man strode toward her through the shadows. Her heart lurched and the breath caught in her throat. Yes, her heart whispered. Yes. That was the kind of man she wanted.
He was big, and broad and roped with muscle. His stride was
sure, determined and powerful. He wore boots that kicked up dust with every step, and chaps and even a Stetson. He had high cheekbones and a well-formed brow. His square chin was spattered with a dark shadow. His shirt was buttoned.
He looked like a real cowboy.
He looked like a man.
This guy could dance for her. No problem. She’d love to have
him rub himself all over her—
His steps stalled as he caught sight of her.
“Well, hey there, cowboy,” she purred. It was probably the
tequila purring, but he didn’t seem to care. He peered into the shadows.
She did him the favor of moving into the light. She liked
that his nostrils flared and his throat worked. He touched the brim of his hat.
Ooh. Ma’am.
Sexy. This stripper knew how to play a role.
“You’re late,” she said.
He blinked. “Late?”
“The party’s already started.” She sidled up to him—again,
the tequila; normally she would never sidle up to anybody—and put her hand on his chest. The muscles rippled in response and something inside her rippled as well. It was probably her womb.
Crying out for a visitor.
It had been a while, after all.
She leaned closer, against him, and it was good. She nestled
her nose in his beautiful neck and took a whiff. And daham, he smelled sinful.
Wicked. Alluring.
“What is that fragrance?” she asked. She needed to know.
Wanted to bathe in it.
He chuckled; the sound rumbled through her. “Soap.”
“Mmm. Yummy.” She scudded her palm over his chest, his thick
arms and down to his trim waist. He held steady as she explored, staring at her through insanely thick lashes. It should be illegal for a man to have lashes like that. His features were locked and hard. A muscle ticked in his cheek.
“You’re hard,” she murmured. Oh, God, he was.
“Yes, ma’am. I am.” This he said in a low purr, one that
gave a sizzle of double entendre to the words.
Something cracked inside her. It was probably the remainder
of her pickled restraint. He was the hottest man she’d ever seen, much less touched. His heat soaked into her and melted her, liquefied her.
She couldn’t stop her roving exploration and wouldn’t have
anyway. Her hand drifted lower. His body tightened, his breath hitched as she reached his belt. And then she found him.
Her knees locked. Her pulse rocketed through her veins.
Because Jesus God, he wasn’t just hard, he was rock hard.
“Nice.” A whisper, all she could manage. She gave him a
little pump.
He hissed in a breath and said through his teeth, “Yeah.
Nice.” His hand came to her waist. He stroked her bare skin beneath the hem of her tee. His calluses scraped her sanity.
“You are the most authentic of all of them,” she murmured,
kissing his neck.
He grunted and pulled her closer, cupping her ass, measuring
it with a squeeze. “Most authentic?”
“Of all the strippers.”
He stilled for a moment and she sensed he was about to pull
away, which she could not allow. He was far too delicious to give up.
So she nibbled his chin. She loved the bristles of his stubble. And he tasted…like a man. More man than she’d ever had.
She released her hold on him and pressed her hips against
his, wrapped herself around him, hooking her leg around his. The feel of his body, hot and hard, plastered against hers from chest to groin, made her mouth water.
He allowed it, but then he did pull back. But it wasn’t far,
and it was so he could stare down at her face, so she didn’t mind. His breath washed over her and she had the sudden compulsion to taste his mouth. Not a need or a whim. A compulsion.
“You think I’m the most authentic of all the strippers?” She
had no idea why he was smiling, but she liked his smile. Especially the dent that appeared on his left cheek. Everything about him pushed each and every one of her buttons. They were rusty buttons, but he pushed them.
“You are. You really do it better than any of them. You sure
look like a real cowboy. Baby, you could rope and tie me…”
She stroked his back, reveling in the bulge of his muscles
as she made her way down to his ass, which she squeezed as well.
“And you’re really well built.”
“Thank you?”
“For a stripper.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a lap dance at all.”
“Not at all.”
“Would you like to?”
His brow arched. It was a striking, manly brow. “Like to?”
“Give me a lap dance?”
“You have no idea.”
She liked the tenor of his voice, despite the fact there was
a laugh hidden in it. She raked her nails along the back of his neck and he shivered. So she walked her fingers into his hair, ignoring that she tipped his Stetson clean off.
God, his hair was soft. Dark curls. Silky and thick.
Their gazes locked. His smile faded. Tension hummed between
them. Then she tugged his head down and took his lips.
Read more about the collection! 
A COWBOY’S SEDUCTION – Award-Winning Author Cynthia D’Alba – Sparks fly when an exhausted cowboy, on a forced tropical vacation, meets an uptight accountant in a bikini. As the seduction game begins, two weeks never looked so short.

SADIE AND HER COWBOY – USA Today Bestselling Author Paige Tyler – A beautiful ranch owner hires an infamous gunslinger to protect her against a ruthless cattle baron, but risks losing everything when she falls for the sexy hired gun

THE BILLIONAIRE HUSBAND TEST – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Elle James – Skeptical billionaire takes a risk on a friend’s dating service and finds the cowgirl of his dreams, only he has to convince her he’s her perfect match.

HER UNIFORM COWBOY – Donna Michaels – Texas Guardsman never planned his attraction to a curvy, military-hating Pennsylvanian, or saddling her with his stress issues. Will the town’s newest resident support him, or abandon him like others
in his past?

I AM NOT YOUR MELODY – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers – The baddest cowboy in Bear Creek Saddle partners with a sassy new bartender to save the family business. His rules: Don’t kill her. Don’t kiss her. And don’t fall in love.

CHASE AND SEDUCTION – USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander – Country music superstar Chase Tanner is determined to seduce screenplay writer Reno Linden. She risks the plunge into Chase’s arms, but will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

THE COWBOY WINS A BRIDE – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Cora Seton –Jamie Lassiter just made the bet of his life—He’s got six weeks to prove to Claire Cruz he’s the man for her, or pay for her round-the-world trip.

THE HARDER THEY FALL – Beth Williamson – Cowboy Hank Beltane has no idea what’s in store for him when he tries to seduce the stubborn, beautiful and sexy as hell rodeo owner TJ Maguire.

THE REAL MCCOY – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Sabrina York – At a wild, girls-only weekend at a rowdy “stud” ranch, she meets the gruff, dominant man of her dreams. It’s too bad the sexy stripper is only a pretend cowboy…or is he?

BADASS – Amazon Bestselling Author Sable Hunter – Isaac McCoy – Badass Isaac McCoy, as at home on a Harley as he is on a horse, is in love with the preacher’s daughter— the angel of Kerr County—and that will never do.

COWBOYS NEVER FOLD – Award-Winning Author Lexi Post – When a cowboy honors a promise by working at a nudist resort, he discovers that to win the sexy owner’s heart he must go all-in, which could mean baring more than his soul.

CUPID’S COWBOY – Amazon Bestselling Author Becky McGraw – Struggling country singer is struck by cupids arrow when delivering a breakup singing telegram on Valentine’s Day to a beautiful music exec who could make all his dreams come true.

PREORDER NOW! (Coming January 20th)
About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and
USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy
readers. Her titles range from
sweet & sexy to scorching erotic romance.
Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out
Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon
or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at to check out her
books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser Book:
And don’t forget to enter to win the royal
Like my Amazon Author Page:
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Anthologies and Collections
Short Stories/Novellas


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Avenged #FBParty #NewRelease

This is going to be a mega event for the release of Avenged. Check out all the participants – including me. :)

And make sure to enter the contest…it’s a great one!


AVENGED RELEASE (A New Life Book 7)-


January 19th – 25th

 Avenged party

Author Line-Up

All times are EST


2:00 -3:00pm EST Samantha Jacobey’s Stalkers Street Team

3:00-4:00pm EST Clarissa Wild

4:00-4:30pm EST Jenika Snow

5:00-6:00pm EST Xavier Neal

6:00-7:00pm EST Rachel Leigh Smith

7:00-8:00pm EST Alysha Ellis

8:00-9:00pm EST P.T. Macias

9:00-10:00pm EST A.J. Downey

10:00-11:00pm EST Lacey Thorn


2:00 -3:00pm EST Tina Donahue

3:00-4:00pm EST Melissa Bell

4:00-5:00pm EST B.L. Wilde

5:00-6:00pm EST Lacy DeRoch

6:00-7:00pm EST Raine Storm

7:00-8:00pm EST Amy Valenti

8:00-9:00pm EST A.M. Willard

9:00-10:00pm EST Arden Aoide

10:00-11:00pm EST Stephanie Gresham


2:00 -3:00pm EST

3:00-4:00pm EST Melanie James

4:00-5:00pm EST Layla Stevens

5:00-6:00pm EST Annie Rose Welch

6:00-7:00pm EST Salice Rodgers

7:00-8:00pm EST Rachael Brownell

8:00-9:00pm EST Jordan Marie

9:00-10:00pm EST Jenna Galicki

10:00-11:00pm EST V.M. Holk


2:00 -3:00pm EST

3:00-4:00pm EST Terri Hubbard Carle

4:00-5:00pm EST Jen Cousineau

5:00-6:00pm EST Kelly Cozzone

6:00-7:00pm EST Garrett Carkos

7:00-8:00pm EST Bridget Blackwood

8:00-9:00pm EST Gracie Wilson

9:00-10:00pm EST F2 Crew (MJ Fields Street Team)

10:00-11:00pm EST Author J. Haney


2:00 -3:00pm EST

3:00-4:00pm EST Shantaye Brown

4:00-5:00pm EST April Hollingworth

5:00-6:00pm EST Krissy V

6:00-7:00pm EST Angela Ford

7:00-8:00pm EST Norma Jeanne Karlsson

8:00-9:00pm EST Mardi Maxwell

9:00-10:00pm EST BFBS (Boy Friend Book Stand)

10:00-11:00pm EST P.L. Perkins


2:00 -3:00pm EST Samantha Jacobey

3:00-4:00pm EST Adrian Martin

4:00-5:00pm EST Michelle Dare

5:00-6:00pm EST Theresa Troutman

6:00-7:00pm EST Samantha Jacobey

7:00-8:00pm EST Addison Kline

8:00-9:00pm EST Tanya Sands

9:00-10:00pm EST Cherime MacFarlane

10:00-11:00pm EST K. Renee


2:00 -3:00pm EST Natalie Alder

3:00-4:00pm EST L.A. Remenicky

4:00-5:00pm EST Jennifer Theriot

5:00-6:00pm EST Skye Eagleday

6:00-7:00pm EST Susan Stoker

7:00-8:00pm EST Angela Fattig

8:00-9:00pm EST Lashell Collins

9:00-10:00pm EST Kathryn Kelly

10:00-11:00pm EST Samantha Jacobey

Avenged party 1

avenged party 2

avenged party 3

avenged party 4

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Free erotic romances – Contest #FreeBooks

Don’t forget to enter my HOT GUY contest.

Winner gets her choice of one of my backlist ebooks – 17 erotic titles to choose from in contemporary, paranormal, suspense and menage!


Jan 2015 HOT GUY

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5. Sensual Stranger - ebook Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category) Blue Moon Reviews

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6. The Yearningebook – Bestseller


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7. Take Me Awayebook

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8. Unending Desireebook

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9.  SiNNebook

Magnificent!! – Romancing the Book; 5 Stars – Mary’s Naughty Whispers; 5 Stars – Sensual Reads – Nominated for Book of the Week – Whipped Cream Reviews

10. Sinfully Wickedebook

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11. Claiming Magiqueebook

Top Pick – NOR; 5 Stars – Erotica for All; 4 Stars – United by Books; Recommended by ARe

Claiming Magique by Tina Donahue

12. Illicit Desireebook

4 Stars, Romantic Times; 4 Stars/5 Flames, The Jeep Diva

13. Come Fill Meebook

5 Stars – A True Gem, Guilty Pleasures; 4 Stars/5 Flames, The Jeep Diva

14. Losing Control – ebook

4.5 Stars – Sensual Reads; 4 Stars – The Romance Reviews

15. Shameless Desire – ebook

4.5 Stars – The Jeep Diva; 4 Stars – Sinful Sunday Book Reviews

16. Illicit Intent – ebook

4 1/2 stars – Sensual Reads; 4 Stars – NOR

17. Deep Within Me - ebook

4 Stars – Romantic Times


Good Luck!!!

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Bikers, Erotic Romance #EroticRomance

Please welcome Tory Richards. She has a hot one in Wild Marauders! Bikers – yum.

Tory’s also hosting a contest. For more info, please read on and be sure to leave a comment. :)


Author Cover

Wild Marauders MC

by Tory Richards


When a prospect kidnaps Kat thinking she’s a doctor, Kat finds herself under the protection of the club’s president. Lynch likes Kat’s spunk and full curves but when she steals his Harley to escape he has no choice but to follow club rules and deal out punishment. Tempers erupt between them, passions explode, and punishment becomes the sweetest ecstasy!


I waited for him to speak.

“I hope you’re going to be a good little girl until I sort this shit out.”

I stiffened. I was anything but little. Sure, I was short, which made for a fuller figure than I would have liked. At twenty-seven I was comfortable with it, until someone brought attention to it by making a comment. In the old days I’d run away to cry in a corner somewhere when the skinnier girls, like the stuck-up cheerleaders I’d gone to school with, had called me fat. These days, a reference to my full figure didn’t bother me. It was the “good little girl,” part that fired me up, and if I was going to be honest, my unwanted attraction to him.

I tossed my long hair over my shoulder. “Then maybe you’d better take me home now and save yourself some grief. I’ve never been a good little girl, and I don’t intend to make things easy for you.” It was a threat and we both knew it. They were only words, empty meaningless words that I knew deep down I couldn’t possibly back up. The only thing I had going for me was my smart mouth, brains, and a nature that wouldn’t let me give in without a fight.

The slightest curve of his sensuous mouth didn’t fool me into thinking that he’d found my comment funny. His gaze zeroed in on my boobs, and I felt an immediate and unwelcome response from my nipples. Traitors! If that wasn’t bad enough, something warm and wet flowed from my core to my panties.

“I’m not afraid of you,” I said, drawing his attention back to my eyes. I was only afraid of what he made me feel. I couldn’t understand where it was coming from, but I had a feeling that he had this effect on every woman.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

Author banner

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’ve often referred myself as a grandmother who writes smut, but I’m also a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, and author. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a writer. When I was ten I penned short stories on notebook paper, graduated to a manual typewriter at thirteen, then an electric one somewhere around seventeen, and finally my first computer in my forties.

I was a closet writer. I didn’t share my stories or hobby with anyone because it was personal and a kind of therapy. Not until I was in my forties did I pursue a publisher, and that was at the encouragement of my daughter and niece.  The result of that was my first contract offer for a sweet romance that ended up being a best seller on the publisher’s website for two months.  That full length contemporary romance is available at Amazon under the new title, Kiss Me!

I was born in Maine, live most of my life in Florida, and retired from Disney. My free time is spent with my family, friends, and penning tales of erotic romance. I believe in happily ever after and a hot, wild ride to get there!

Amazon Author Page –

UK Amazon Author Page –

Smashwords Author Page –

Tory Richards Website –

Tory Richards Website/Blog –

goddess fish host button


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Bounty Hunters #EroticRomance #SciFi

This looks like an awesome book! Katalina is one of my fave authors. She really knows how to heat up the pages. You can’t go wrong with bounty hunters. Yum.

Please give Katalina a warm welcome, and be sure to leave a comment to show your love.


Kat cover


On The Run, Bounty Hunters.

“Retrieval specialist” is a fancy term for high-level corporate bounty hunting and Agent Gemmina Nayar is the best in her league. She’s a sense-enhanced, level-seven bounty hunter from New Mumbai who receives an exclusive invitation to track a dangerous criminal on private property. She arrives on the tropical planetoid eager to hunt and release her inner tigress, but is disappointed to discover the bounty has already been captured.

Syan is a Kironian, an off-limits alien race. He’s gorgeous, rugged and all male. Even sedated and forced to wear an electronic silence collar, he resembles a coppery skinned refugee from Mount Olympus. Gemmina’s unaware Kironian saliva is loaded with pheromones that can turn even the most indifferent woman into a willing mate. A single kiss or bite is sabotage.

When the mission turns lethal, she realizes she’s not only been tricked into bringing the wrong man to justice, but the harsh jungle below is a calculated trap.


Gemmina faced the open bay doors of the complex. Shouts and several loud howls rang from within.

The guard mumbled into the communicator. “What’s going on in there? Ms. Nayar is waiting to collect the retrieval.”

A frantic response burst from the device. “He ripped the second silence collar off! We’re replacing it now.”

The guard appeared visibly shaken. “The collar’s made of carbon compound. How did he do that? This is not good. Obviously, we can’t count on the collar. Don’t you have him sedated?”

“The sedation burns through him. We’ve given him enough to knock a rhino down.”

“Then try something stronger.” The guard scowled.

A burst of static buzzed from the communicator. “Kironian physiognomy is tricky shit. This guy’s a puzzle. There’s something weird going on with his blood. He keeps adapting to whatever sedation we give him.”

The guard glanced up. His eyes widened when he realized she had heard the conversation. “I have Ms. Nayar right beside me. I advise we use force cuffs on the subject, even if they violate intergalactic ethics protocols. They work. Treat the sedation as back up.”


“Force cuffs?” A wave of disgust curled her lips. “Really? Are we living in the Dark Ages? Not that I feel a great deal of pity for a psychopath who nuked innocent people, but it looks bad on my side. The cuffs are notorious for causing nerve and tissue damage, and they’re considered cruel and unusual. I’ve never had to use them to get a retrieval under control.”

“Once you’re out of Naveen’s orbit you’re free to do things your way, but I advise you to not let your guard down with this guy.”

A shiver of apprehension gripped her. What the hell had she gotten herself into? Considering she had extensive experience with many humanoid species, she should have felt confident in her abilities. But she didn’t know exactly what a Kironian was.

“Listen, guys, even with access to a warp tunnel for part of the journey, Penal Colony X57 is eighty flight hours away. I cannot leave a man in force cuffs that long. Add to that the fact he’s Kironian and under political sequester and none of us are legally authorized to punish or even interact with this species. I see a perfect recipe for disaster. I don’t want to harm him and cause an intergalactic incident. What are we talking about here? How humanoid is a Kironian?”

“Very human.” The guard was quick to answer. “But better—smarter, and stronger. Most are peace-loving except for this character, who seems to be something of a rogue. I’ll bet the Kironians will cheer when they discover we took him out of the equation.”

Four guards wearing head-to-toe body armor and face shields, and carrying ionized bang sticks with the tips glowing hot, marched toward her, dragging a semi-conscious man between them. The captive was slumped forward with head hanging and a tousle of dark, wavy hair concealing his face. His splayed legs hung limp, and the toes of his heavy boots dug deep furrows into the beach. The current sedation seemed to be effective…”


Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single genre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to erotic romance. She believes there’s a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

“Forsaken Realms” Is part of Bounty Hunters United and Fated Desires Publishing Special Lines.


Fated Desires Publishing:


All Romance eBooks

Night Owl Reviews Author Page:



Twitter: Katalina_Leon

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MM Romance #BDSM #Shifters #Contest

Please welcome, Nicoline – she’s here to tell us about her new romance Tristan’s Lover. A hot one! And she’s hosting a contest.

Read on to learn more…



Tristan’s Lover

by Nicoline Tiernan


Tristan has all the time in the world to be in love. He’s going to live eternally—that’s what vampires do. And now that he’s found his soul mate in Eric he plans on living happily forever after. But not all stories can have a fairytale ending, especially  when Eric’s father, the lycan king, has declared war against all vampires. Will their love survive?

Warnings: MM, shifter sex, BDSM elements


The man jumped at Tristan and pinned his arms and back against the rock. “They would have killed you if they’d caught you.”

“Relax, Eric. They’ll never catch me.”

Eric grabbed Tristan by the throat. “You don’t get it. This isn’t a game,” he growled.

“It is if you play it right.” Tristan smirked.

Eric kissed Tristan hard on the mouth. “What am I going to with you?”

“I can think of at least a dozen things you can do.” Tristan’s underwear suddenly felt very tight.

“Take those off,” Eric commanded pointing to Tristan’s shorts.

“I don’t feel like it.” Tristan said.

Eric’s fingers transformed into giant claws, and then he tore at the underwear with surgical precision until they were shreds upon the forest floor.

“Seriously, those were Egyptian cotton, fifty dollars a pair,” Tristan sighed.

“Bill me,” said Eric. He grabbed Tristan and kissed him.

Tristan pushed him away. “This is the most expensive date I’ve ever been on,” he said.

“Who said this was a date?” Eric seized Tristan’s hair and pulled his head back. He kissed him roughly.

Tristan pushed him away. “Easy cowboy. At least buy me dinner first.”

“Shut up,” commanded Eric. He shoved Tristan back against the rock wall and pinned him up against it.

“I thought you said this wasn’t a date,” said Tristan.

“Don’t you ever shut up?” sighed Eric.

“You know how you can shut me up,” said Tristan suggestively.

“Get on your knees,” ordered Eric.


Nicoline will be awarding $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

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Banner Tristan

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nicoline has written 8 New Adult and ménage Hot Lunches for Lost Goddess Publishing, and she’s currently working on a series of MM novellas. The paranormal has always fascinated Nic and she’s looking forward to exploring fantasy worlds and the desires within. Nic can be found on Facebook at and reached through email.



Facebook Page:

Publisher Link: https://www.

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Funny Video #Video #Simon’sCat

Granted, it’s a couple of weeks late for this, but I thought these videos were so cute, I wanted to share them.

This post originally appeared at my other site Sweet n Sexy Divasposted there by resident Diva Zenobia Renquist. Enjoy!


If you’ve never seen Simon’s Cat, prepare to be hooked. Enjoy.

Frankly, I don’t blame him. Those automated Santas scare me too.

And this is why we don’t have a tree.

Hmmm… I could see this happening to my cats.

I’m pretty sure I could never get my cats to do this. They hate going outside.

That is one strong cat. Turkeys are hard to lift, especially after they’ve been cooked. Too hot to hold.

Zenobia Renquist

Discover Different and Unique Romance & Erotica

Wine Service :: She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.


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RainyoftheDark is having an awesome giveaway of tons of incredible titles, including my erotic romance Taking Eve!

This Winner Takes All giveaway is now open. 53 Books – ONE WINNER. Wow! Read on and enter for your chance to win free books!


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BDSM Romance #BDSM #erotic

Julie’s here today with her brand-spanking new romance – book one in her new BDSM series. Looks like a mega-hot one.

Please give Julie a warm welcome, and be sure to leave a comment to show your love. :)





When Clay “Raven” Nighthorse is offered a job as bodyguard to a woman being stalked by her vengeful ex, he’s ready to turn it down.  Until he discovers that she is the woman he met on a beach three years ago.  The woman with whom he felt an instant connection.  The woman who has been haunting his dreams ever since.

Leah Stanhope has never forgotten the day she found her husband in bed with another woman.  Nor has she forgotten the kindness and compassion of the complete stranger who’d simply held her in his arms and let her cry herself out on a public beach.  She despairs of ever seeing him again until fate brings them together in a conflagration of desire and smoking hot passion.  Can Clay convince Leah to risk her heart?  And when her stalker finds her, will Clay be able to stop him in time?

Passion’s Dream is available NOW on Amazon!  Only $2.99!


Virginia is for lovers.  Passion Lake is for…kinky lovers.  Welcome to Passion Lake, a town owned and operated by a group of ex-Navy SEALs.  A town where they are free to live their kinky lifestyles without fear of interference or censure.

A group of former SEAL teammates get together and buy the derelict, bankrupt town of Porterfield, Virginia, along with thirteen square miles of surrounding land, and turn it into the thriving tourist destination of Passion Lake, Virginia.  Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town boasts not only the large, deep-water lake from which it derives its name, but also farmland, grazing land, a couple of creeks, scenic trails, and a World War I era airfield.  The amenities offered include a lodge with cabins, camping, boating, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, a main street featuring both quirky and elegant little shops, and excellent restaurants.  Passion Lake is around 30 miles down the road from Marshall’s Creek, where Jesse Colter, Adam Sinclair, and Sarah Marshall, the heroes and heroine of Loving Sarah, Owning Sarah, and Keeping Sarah live.

Many of the Doms of Passion Lake were minor characters in my three books about Jesse, Adam, and Sarah.  Along with many of my readers, I felt they deserved books of their own.  So, if you’re curious about what happened to Clay “Raven” Nighthorse, Nik “Iceman” Rostov, Jay “Dizzy” Gillespie, Ted “Solo” Solomon and all the other hot hunky former SEALs, you’ll find out in this new series, The Doms of Passion Lake.  The first book in the series is Passion’s Dream.


Lifting his hand, he placed his fingertips against her cheek.

She jerked her head away, but otherwise couldn’t move.  It was as if she’d been turned to stone.  “Don’t touch me!”  She’d meant it to be an icy command, but instead it came out a choked, frightened whisper.

Ignoring her, he sent his fingers on a journey along the line of her jaw, down the slender column of her neck.  He paused at the base of her neck, holding the tip of his index finger over the pulse hammering there, betraying her agitation.  The journey continued down over her collar bones, across the creamy, sloping mound of her breast to the edge of her modest bathing suit top.  When she made no move to stop him, he hooked his forefinger into the stretchy material.  When she still didn’t move, he allowed his fingernail to scrape against her tender flesh as he traced the outline of the fabric down to its lowest point—the point where it stretched across the shadowed valley between her breasts.

“Don’t—”It was a choked whisper.  She closed her eyes, but she made no attempt to remove his hand.  She was trembling, every clamoring nerve aware of his nearness, the potent sexuality of his hard, male body so close to hers.  ‘I-I’m engaged to be married.”

“Ah, yes.”  His lips twisted.  “The ever-devoted fiance.  Tell me, Leah,” he tugged her toward him, the weight of his hand pulling the stretchy, jersey top outward, threatening to release the rounded fullness of her breasts.  “Tell me about him.  What’s it like making love to an old man?”

She should have pushed him away.  She should have stepped back—anything to put distance between them.  Except she wasn’t standing.  She was floating in the water, anchored by her elbow on the pool deck and his finger hooked in her bikini top.  Unable to get away, she stared up at him helplessly, trapped as much by the confusion leaping within her as she was by the sensual spell he seemed to be weaving around her like a web.

Resting his left elbow on the underwater shelf, he released her top and lifted his hand to shape the back of her head, those long, lean fingers threading through the damp silk of her hair.  “Does his touch arouse you?”  Slowly, sensuously, he pulled her toward him, closing the distance between them, until his firm, mobile mouth was less than an inch from her own, his breath warm against her lips.  “Does he set you on fire?”

The hard contours of his body brushed tantalizingly against the softly rounded curves of her own as the cool water undulated against them.

“Does he kiss you like this?” Clay persisted, dropping a warm, feather-light kiss near one corner of her trembling mouth, “like a father?  Or perhaps like an uncle or older brother, like this,” he pressed his lips first to her cheek, then, tilting her head down, her forehead.  “Or does he kiss you like a lover?  Like this—”and his mouth closed over hers in a dark, golden storm, his lips expertly parting hers to admit the probing sweetness of his tongue.

Leah stiffened and tried to pull away, but it was too late.  The flame ignited by his touch was all-consuming.  Without volition, her arms went around his neck, her legs circled his waist, ankles locking behind him.  The sheer size of the erection pressing against her sex made her gasp.  Her belly plummeted, sending moisture gushing out of her pussy onto the strip of fabric that was the bottom of her two-piece.  She’d never been so aroused in her life.  Her traitorous body arched toward his, her hips grinding her sex against his cock.  She moaned into his mouth as his arms went tightly around her back, crushing her soft breasts to his hard chest.  Locked together, they sank beneath the surface of the water.  Instead of panicking and struggling to break free, Leah wound her arms tightly around his neck and held on, trusting in his care of her.

Without breaking the kiss, Clay pushed off the deep end of the pool with a powerful thrust of his muscular legs, gliding swiftly through the water to the center of the pool, where he could stand up.  They broke the surface still locked together, their mouths tearing apart only long enough to drag air into their oxygen-starved lungs before crushing back together, tongues dueling passionately.

Leah loosened her hold on his neck, running her hands wonderingly over his shoulders and back, savoring the power of the muscles flexing beneath his satin-smooth skin, delighting in the heat of his body beneath the cool slickness of the pool water.  In spite of the pervading smell of chlorine, she could still smell his clean, masculine scent.  Losing all reason, she broke off the kiss to bury her face in the side of his neck, where it curved into his shoulder, inhaling that scent deep into her lungs.  Daringly, she put out her tongue and took a tiny lick of his warm, moist skin.  God, he tasted so good!  He felt so good!  She couldn’t stifle the groan that ripped from her throat.  Her hands curved around to the back of his head, her fingers gripping the thick, wet mass of his hair, holding his head still.  She drew a shuddering breath, trying desperately to get herself under control.  This is a mistake!  This is a colossal mistake.


passion fury

Book Two of The Doms of Passion Lake series, Passion’s Fury, is about Caleb Rafferty and his brothers, Simon and Ash.  They are triplets, all pilots, and they own the Passion Lake airfield where they operate a popular Executive Charter business and a helicopter sight-seeing business.  In addition, Caleb is the Sheriff of Passion Lake and Ash is a professional photographer who specializes in fetish photography.  They are looking for that special “One”, a woman who will take on the challenge of three men and who will thrive under their loving dominance.


Kylie Ferrell’s nightmare begins when she discovers her boss dead from a bullet to the head.  In less than twenty-four hours, she endures a police interrogation, finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman and her house explodes.

Terrified, she does the only sensible thing.  She runs.  Right through broken glass.

When Simon Rafferty finds her sleeping in her broken-down car by the side of the road near Passion Lake, Virginia, the connection between them is instantaneous and combustible.  He recognizes her as the woman he and his two brothers have been searching for all their lives.  Their lifetime submissive.  And the fact that she’s homeless, injured, and targeted by the mob?  Minor details.

Identical triplets and former spec ops soldiers, Caleb, Simon, and Ash Rafferty are more than capable of handling anything life throws at them.  Including a sweet, sexy, lusciously curvy woman who has sworn off all men and who is clueless about the darkness of their needs and desires.  Clueless…but intrigued.  These dominant alpha males will do whatever it takes to get her into their bed, their hearts, their lives…and their dungeon.

But Kylie has secrets that put them all in deadly danger.  And when that danger catches up with her, Caleb, Simon, and Ash must launch a desperate search to find her before she is ripped from them forever.


Ash carried her into the bathroom and set her down on the toilet.  “Bathroom first,” he said with a wink, pulling her shorts and panties down to her knees before she could utter a word of protest, “followed by hot, naughty, nekkid sex.”

Oh, yeah. 

Quickly squeezing a roll of toothpaste onto her toothbrush, he handed it to her, then left her alone to pee and brush her teeth.  “Ash!” she shouted through a mouth full of toothpaste foam, but it was Caleb who came back through the door.

He took the toothbrush from her and handed her an empty plastic cup.  “Spit.”

He then handed her a cup of water so she could rinse her mouth while he rinsed off the toothbrush in the sink.  When he was done rinsing the plastic cups, Simon joined them carrying a stainless steel bowl and a couple of towels.  Caleb bent down and pulled her shorts and panties the rest of the way off.  When she made a tiny sound, he just leveled a look at her—a scorching, heated, possessive look—and said, “Can’t have hot, naughty, nekkid sex if you’re not nekkid.”

“Good point.”

He pulled the purple knit tee top over her head and quickly divested her of her bra.  Then he lifted her, but instead of carrying her out into the bedroom, he sat her down right in the middle of the long marble counter.  Fortunately Simon had covered the cold marble with one of the towels, so she was spared that particular shock.

She was not, however, spared the shock of seeing him swirling a shaving brush around inside an old-fashioned ceramic moustache cup.  Oh, my God!  They really are going to shave me down there!

Caleb and Ash flanked him.  “Lean back on your hands, baby,” Ash instructed.  “Normally we’d have you place your feet flat on the counter, but this time we’ll just hold your legs apart instead.”  At Simon’s nod, Ash and Caleb each grabbed a leg beneath her knee and spread them wide open, revealing her entire slit from her clit at the top to her puckered asshole at the bottom, already glistening with feminine juice.  Cold air brushed across her wet skin, sending goose bumps rippling up her spine.

Simon moved to stand between her legs.  “Beautiful,” he murmured, bending at the waist to place his lips against her clit, sucking gently until she threw back her head and released a shuddering moan.  “And delicious.  I could feast on this pussy all day.  But it will be even more beautiful and delicious once I’ve removed all this hair.”  He loaded the brush with foamy suds and slathered it all over her mound, her labia, even her anus, its tickling touch making her squirm.  Then he picked up a safety razor.  “Okay, darlin’, I need you to hold real still for me.”  Pulling her skin taut between his thumb and forefinger, he stroked the razor right down the center of her mound, removing a swath of dark, curly hair.  He handed the razor to Caleb, who swished it through the water in the stainless steel bowl before handing it back.

Kylie watched, fascinated, as her pubic hair slowly disappeared, even those few stray hairs down by her anus, leaving nothing but glistening pink skin behind.

“Now that,” Caleb said admiringly, dropping the razor in the bowl of soapy water, “is a pretty sight.”  He and Ash released her legs, but Simon still stood between them, keeping them apart.

“Now for the touch test,” he murmured, bending again and placing his mouth against the top of her mound.  He proceeded to kiss, lick, nibble, and suck every inch of her newly-exposed skin, sending her arousal spiking off the charts.

Her breath was coming in short, sharp pants, her back arching as she succumbed to the pleasure rippling through her.

Simon raised his head, looking up at her through half-lidded eyes dark and glazed with lust.  His face shone with her juices.  “Perfect,” he said, palming her mound and running his two middle fingers through her sopping slit, gathering her slick syrup.  “You are perfect.  The perfect woman.  The perfect sub.  And you’re all ours.”  On the word “ours” he plunged his fingers into her vagina, forcing a sharp cry from the back of her throat.

Her head threw back and her back arched, thrusting her breasts forward into Caleb’s and Ash’s waiting hands.  As they plumped and kneaded her generous flesh, pinching and twisting and tugging on her nipples, they were also busy dropping gentle kisses on her closed eyes, down the curves of her cheeks, along her jawline.  Then on her lips, first Ash, the Caleb, back and forth between the two of them.

The breath shivered from her lungs.  Pleasure shimmered through her entire body from every contact point as Simon finger-fucked her, suckling and nibbling her clit, building her orgasm until her body seized in an explosion that ripped her apart with pleasure.  Her scream echoed around them as they kept the pleasure going through continual gentle touches and dirty words whispered into her ear.

When her body finally slumped in satiation, Simon backed away, his fingers departing from her cunt with a slurping sound.  “Okay, darlin’, that’ll have to hold you for a while.”

Look for Passion’s Fury in time for Valentine’s Day, 2015.


Book Three, Passion’s Hope, is about Nik Rostov and Jay Gillespie and their search for their perfect woman.  They own the Passion Lake Lodge and campgrounds, and The Icehouse Bar, where a local band plays live music every Friday and Saturday night for dancing.  They find their perfect submissive at Risqué, Jesse, Adam, and Sarah’s new, private BDSM club.


On the run from an abusive Dom, out-of-work waitress and aspiring singer Charlotte Fielding has sworn off men and she’s sworn off the BDSM lifestyle.  She only stopped by this BDSM Club Open House to stock up on the free food before heading for an audition with a country/rock band.  But when her abuser, a rich and powerful businessman, who also happens to be at the Open House, insults and attacks her publicly, former SEALs Nikolai Rostov and Jay Gillespie come to her rescue and offer to help.  But that would require her to trust the two hunkiest Doms she’s ever met.  And Charlotte’s all out of trust.

But fate has brought these three people together—Nik, the big Russian Daddy Dom, Jay, the switch, and Charlie, the submissive who needs what both of these men have to offer.  Just as they need what she has to offer.  Can she learn to trust them?  Can she risk her heart?  And when her abuser hires a hit man to keep her from testifying against him in court, will Charlie stay and let Nik and Jay risk their lives in order to keep her safe?  Or will she run—and risk destroying the only happiness she has ever known?


Nik took the tube of lube from Cherie and squirted a generous amount on the first two fingers of his right hand.  He touched the tip of his index finger to Jay’s dark pucker and began rimming the tight little hole, unable to tear his gaze from the lascivious sight as he penetrated up to the first knuckle, then the second, then all the way up to the webbing.  Jay moaned and wriggled his ass, pushing back into Nik’s touch.

Nik’s laugh was wicked.  “So.”  He circled his finger inside Jay’s tight channel.  “I think you like having a finger up your ass, don’t you, boy?  You may answer with words.”

Jay’s response was a guttural groan.  “Yes, Daddy.”

“Well, then, let’s see how you like two fingers up your ass.”  Nik pulled his finger out, then combined it with his middle finger, pushing them both inside Jay’s hot channel.

As Nik’s fingers slid past his prostate, Jay let out a strangled yelp.  His cock jerked and his balls tightened and for one terrifying instant he feared he would come.

Glassy-eyed, Nik watched his fingers disappear into Jay’s hot tunnel.  His cock was so hard the imprint of zipper teeth was going to be permanently branded on his skin.  He loved asses.  Women’s asses.  Especially firm, full, heart-shaped asses red and hot from the impact of his hand.  Jay’s ass was lean.  Masculine.  Muscular, with deep dimples.  Nik had always been fascinated by the way those dimples flexed with each thrust as Jay fucked the subs they’d played with.  Shocking himself, he bent down and placed a kiss in the exact center of each of those sexy indentations.

Oh, my God!  At the touch of Nik’s lips to his skin, Jay let out a whimper.  Christ!  He’d never been sexual with Nik before.  Had never expected to be sexual with Nik, even though lately he’d found himself fantasizing about it more and more.  And it was even more intense than he’d imagined.  Another whimper left his throat as Nik’s fingers slowly withdrew, only to be replaced by something smooth and cold.

“Relax your muscles, boy,” Nik ordered as he pressed the black plug against Jay’s anus, watching the tight muscle stretch around it like a mouth devouring a particularly tasty morsel.  “You know the drill.”

Jay compressed his lips and concentrated on relaxing his ass muscles as the widest part of the plug stretched his sphincter to the point of pain.  His cry was purely involuntary.

“Push out!” Nik ordered.

Sucking in his breath, Jay pushed out.  The burn intensified.  He squeezed his eyes shut and cried out again as his sphincter sucked the plug up into his ass and closed around it, making it wobble as his muscles struggled to adjust to its invasive presence.  Holy fuck! 

Nik stared at the flat end of the plug settling into the crack of Jay’s squirming ass.  He was going to enjoy this spanking.  Probably a whole lot more than Jay was.  Once again he leaned over Jay’s back.  Grabbing him by his hair, he pulled Jay’s head back and growled in his ear.  “There will be no warm-up, boy.  You will receive thirty hard swats.  The last ten will include a surprise.  You may cry out if you need to.  Nod your head if you understand.”

Jay moaned.  His nod was a barely perceptible movement of his head.

Nik’s big hand grabbed the hair on the back of Jay’s head, lifting it up off the padded head rest.  “You want to come, don’t you, boy?  You may answer.”

God help him, he did.  More than he’d ever wanted to come in his entire life!

“Yes, Daddy,” he wailed.

“You are not allowed.  Not until I have given you the last strike, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“If you do, your punishment will double. Clear?”

Jay groaned.  Sixty strokes!  He’d never be able to withstand sixty strokes!  He was going to have to do everything within his power to keep from coming.  Even though he wasn’t at all sure he was going to be able to.

“I asked you a question, boy.  I dislike having to wait.”

Jay managed another jerk of his head.  “Yes, Daddy.  Clear.”

“Do you know why you’re being punished?”

“Yes, Daddy.  For always making you late.”

Nik’s eyes gleamed as he released Jay’s head and straightened back away from him.  Once again he grabbed the cheeks of his ass, squeezing, kneading, pushing them apart to reveal his dark brown hole.  Then, without warning, he delivered a harsh slap to Jay’s right cheek.  The sharp stinging pain forced a cry from Jay’s throat, followed by a moan as heat bloomed across his skin.  A second harsh slap followed to Jay’s left cheek.  Nik took his time, placing each new blow precisely where he wanted it, slightly overlapping the previous blow.  By the time the twentieth blow fell, Jay’s ass was a deep, uniform red.  Nik stood over him, his body sheened with sweat.  He was panting for breath, his left hand resting on Jay’s burning ass, his right hanging at his side.  His palm was stinging from the force of his blows.  Jay’s skin was on fire.  Almost absently Nik began kneading the heat more deeply into Jay’s muscles, sending fire radiating through his entire body.

Jay’s breathing was shallow, his mind floating in a cloudless sky as his body recycled the pain into something that felt strangely like…pleasure.  He’d often heard that was the case, especially when a body was aroused as his was.  But this was the first time he was experiencing it himself.

“God, I love your hot little ass.”  Nik’s growly voice seemed to come from a great distance, even though his mouth was right above Jay’s ear.  “Are you ready for the last ten, boy?”

Jay could only manage a low moan, which made Nik chuckle.  “I thought so.”  As he straightened, he grabbed the flat end of the plug in Jay’s ass and started twisting it around and around, turning Jay’s moan into a warbling cry that became a yell as Nik pulled the plug nearly all the way out.  Then he stepped back and gave Jay a wallop along the crack of his ass.  The heel of his hand shoved the plug all the way back in, his slightly cupped fingertips laid a glancing blow against Jay’s dangling scrotum.

Jay’s head jerked up and back and a yell ripped from his throat as pleasure/pain smashed through him.

Again, Nik twisted the plug and pulled it nearly all the way out, before ramming it back in with another blow.  He repeated this seven more times, then straightened with difficulty, pulling the plug out one last time.  “Are you ready to come, boy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”  By now Jay was weeping openly, unable to contain his sobs.

“And what do you say to your Daddy for the gift he is about to give you?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

Nik drew back his hand.  As he let it fly, he yelled, “Come, malchik moy!  Come for your Daddy!”

Look for Passion’s Hope around mid-March, 2015.



 loving sarah



Eight years ago Jesse Colter fled his small town, leaving behind eighteen-year-old Sarah Marshall, broken-hearted and devastated.  Now a retired Navy SEAL, he’s back and he wants only one thing—Sarah Marshall—preferably bound, naked, and on her knees before him.

She has never forgotten Jesse.  He’s been the object of all her sexual fantasies since she was fifteen, as well as the star of nightly dreams that have become increasingly erotic over the years.  So when he suddenly reappears in her life, she is torn.  Can she trust him not to hurt her, or will he once again break her heart?  Warily, she agrees to let him introduce her to his world—the world of bondage, Domination, and erotic slavery.  When he also introduces her to his best friend, Adam Sinclair, Sarah faces a daunting future of sexual submission to two powerful alpha males.

But Sarah faces an even bigger challenge.  Someone is stalking her.  Is it the old enemy who’s just been released from prison?  Or is it someone else from her past who is determined to destroy any chance she has at happiness?  Can Adam’s and Jesse’s love protect her?  Or will her world explode in a cataclysm of betrayal and violence that will destroy them all?



Barnes & Noble:




 owning sarah


It’s been a month since Sarah Marshall was kidnapped and held at knife-point by her ex-fiance.  But Jesse Colter and Adam Sinclair, her two loving Doms, know that there is an even deadlier threat still out there—Ryder Malone.

He blames both Sarah and Jesse for sending him to prison eight years ago for attempted rape, and he’s determined to make them pay.  So, he begins a systematic campaign of terror and intimidation against them.  But the danger he poses doesn’t end there.

Set against the deepening love and commitment between Sarah, Jesse, and Adam, Owning Sarah is more than just a sexy, sensual, BDSM love story.  It is a harrowing race against time for Jesse, Adam, and a team of former SEALs to stop one of the biggest arms-for-drugs deals in U.S. history.  And to rescue Sarah before Malone sells her to a human trafficker and she’s lost to her men forever.



Barnes & Noble:



 keeping sarah


Honeymooning in England, Jesse Colter, Adam Sinclair and their beloved wife, Sarah, are heading for their friend Thorne Cahill’s BDSM club for dinner when another car deliberately tries to run them off the road.  Thanks to their own driver’s skills, the other car is destroyed, the two unknown occupants killed.

Through Thorne, they discover that they’re the targets of a “blood feud”, instigated by Konstandin Sokolov, son of Viktor Sokolov, the Albanian mobster who had unwisely kidnapped Sarah a few months back, and paid for it with his life.  They also discover that Thorne’s guests, ruthless human traffickers, have gathered for a slave auction being held the following night.  Konstandin Sokolov happens to be one of the buyers.

Fraught with treachery, betrayal, and deadly danger, Keeping Sarah keeps the reader on a knife’s edge of tension, while simultaneously exploring the deepening emotional commitment between Jesse and Adam.  They already trust each other with their lives.  Now they must learn how to trust each other with their love.


Amazon:  http://

Siren-Bookstrand:  http://

Barnes & Noble:



author picture


Julie Shelton has always loved stories, both reading and writing them, ever since she was old enough to hold a book in her hands.  One of her favorite childhood activities was smuggling books under the covers to read by flashlight after she was supposed to be asleep.

A career as a children’s librarian eventually led to her dream career as a freelance storyteller and puppeteer, a business she operated successfully for twenty-five years.  During that time she created and wrote all the original material for a monthly language arts newsletter full of poems, songs, puppet and flannel-board stories, fingerplays, and other resource material for early childhood educators.  For that endeavor she won the prestigious EDPRESS Award for the best educational newsletter of 1982.  She has also written other resource materials for preschool and early elementary teachers.

Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  Now widowed and retired, she once again has time to devote to her two favorite things—reading and writing.  “What’s not to like?” she asks philosophically.  “It’s indoor work and doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting.”  You can learn more about Julie and her works at the following links.  Visit her website to find out what’s coming up in the Doms of Passion Lake series.


Amazon author page:


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Free books, prizes galore #contest #RB4U

It may be cold outside but this contest is HOT with lots of FREE goodies!

It’s January…and that means cold weather and SNOW for lots of us. Time to curl up with a steamy romance book! AND, it’s time for the RB4U “SNOWMAN” Contest!  Our new contest runs 5 January  – midnight ET 24 January on this page: Lots of winners and prizes…one per winner! To enter: Find the 20 author/industry rep pages that have the SNOWGLOBE SNOWMAN icon like the one you see above (this page doesn’t count). Make a list of the names of those pages (ex: Marianne Stephens, Secret Cravings Publishing, etc.) and send your list to:  Be sure to look at all author pages AND Industry rep pages!

NOTE: Snail mail prizes only shipped to US or Canadian addresses. Before sending your entry, add the country where you live, please!


1. 4-$25.00 gift cards (one per winner) for Amazon or B&N.
2. $10 Gift Card For Secret Cravings Publishing from SCP.
2. Choice of ebook from backlist books by romance author Tina Donahue.
3. Choice of ebook from backlist books at website by romance author Jean Hart Stewart.
4. Tote of Scottish goodies: may include books, mug, mouse pad, shirt, etc., from romance author/model A.B. McKinley.
5. Choice of ebook from backlist books by romance author JC Szot.
6. Ebook copy of Dreamscape by romance author Rose Anderson.
7. PDF copy of The Bear Goddess by romance author Kelley Heckart.
8. E-copy of Tidal Falls by romance author Jacquie Biggar.
9. E-copy of Raising the Stakes by romance author Sandy Loyd.
10. Handmade charm bracelet (can be seen on author’s page) and a print copy of sci-fi romance STAR CRASH by romance author Elysa Hendricks.
11. Print copy of “Christmas Wishes, Valentine Kisses: Unwrapped & Cupid’s Mistake In One Volume” from romance author Chantilly White.
12. Kindle copy of Rosalyn’s Ring by romance author Alina K. Field.
13. PDF copy of Do You Take This Cat by romance author Missy Martine.
14. Copy of Chasing Victory – format is winners choice, eBook, print, or audio book – by romance author Joanne Jaytanie.
15. Ebook copy of A Honeybun and Coffee by romance author Sam Cheever.
16. Ebooks of the entire Phoenix Agency series: Jungle Inferno, Extrasensory, Delicious Danger, F Stop and Feel the Heat by romance author Desiree Holt.
17. Ebook copy of LuvU4Ever and ebook copy of Little Book of Sunshine by romance author Joan Reeves.
18. Paperback of The Rover Defiant by romance author Anna Markland.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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