RIP Whitney


Hearing about Whitney Houston’s untimely demise brought me back to other times when famous people left Planet Earth way too early. It’s the kind of event you recall years later, knowing exactly where you were when you learned the news.

When the TV reports started talking about Princess Di’s accident, it was morning in California (where I live). My husband was still showering. I was downstairs making coffee. I heard her name, then “accident”. I frowned, thinking I must have gotten it wrong and went into the living room to watch. My husband came downstairs and seeing the expression on my face asked what was wrong. I told him about Princess Di. We were both shocked when she died later that day.

The other time I recall being shocked like this was when Nicole Brown Simpson, OJ’s wife, was discovered slaughtered in the front of her condo. Again, I heard the news in the morning just after I’d awakened. At the time, I didn’t even know OJ was married to her. That’s how much I follow sports.

And then there was the day when Farrah Fawcett died followed quickly by Michael Jackson. Terrible. Horrible. I feel for their families.

But back to Whitney. This blog isn’t about her addictions, but her amazing talent. The first time I heard her sing “Saving All My Love for You” I was at the salon getting my hair cut. I thought “who is that?” She really wow’d me. To this day, that song remains one of my favorites.

Which brings me to wonderful female singers. My list is short. I like all these singers equally well, so there’s no rhyme or reason to the order in which I’ve presented them.

1. Whitney Houston

2. LeAnn Rimes (amazing pipes, especially her early work recorded when she was only 13 or so)

3. Patsy Cline (her “Crazy” drives me wild)

4. Barbara Streisand

5. Madonna (Vogue – wow)

6. Lady Gaga (yeah, I really do like her stuff)  :)

7. Celine Deon

8. Carrie Underwood (her “Before He Cheats” is to die for)

There’s my list. What’s yours?  :)