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The Love Story Doesn’t Have To End When There’s A Relationship

Every great love story starts the same way, with a boy and girl meeting (or boy and boy, or girl and girl). There are sparks, lust, friendship, anger, even hatred, but there’s always some great emotion. From there conflicts arise, that either bring the character’s closer together, or farther apart, until they both realize they can’t live without each other. Then they hold each other, kiss passionately, the music rolls and the book comes to an end.

But what happens after that.

Love doesn’t end once their relationship is established. Conflict doesn’t stop after the couple is together. Love doesn’t just slowly simmer, like an unattended stew. It takes continued work, continued reassurance. And we all want to know how that works. Think of all the sequels out there, we all want to know what happens after the football player gets the girl. We even want to know how two ogres manage family and love. So why do so many of our romance novels start and end before they get to the really tough stuff.


It’s with that idea that I wrote my latest release Heart’s Ultimatum. Instead of the typical meet cute of a romance, my story starts two years into their relationship, when they are struggling to keep the romance going. They deal with very different conflicts than the typical story. Which only lead to more conflict, more tears, and I hope a sweeter ending.

Here’s an excerpt where Krista sums up her relationship with James, and the problems they’re facing, and how she plans to fix it.

Krista slipped her hand into the closet, pulling a raspberry-sherbet lip gloss from her coat pocket. As she grabbed for the bright-pink tube, her fingers slid along a thick, soft sheet of paper folded and stuffed in the pocket.

Tossing a glance over her shoulder to verify she was still alone, Krista pulled the paper from the jacket pocket. She unfolded the corners from the isosceles triangle she’d crammed it into last time she’d looked at it. Sighing softly, she stared down at the elaborate sheet of holiday paper in her hand, a remnant of the Christmas party with her girlfriends.

The shiny, golden ornaments raced down the sides, bracketing the wishes she’d asked for. Her four best friends had gathered together a few days before last Christmas to celebrate Giselle’s birthday, the most demanding of the five. Giselle believed herself to be a younger Martha Stewart and had organized her entire party around each of them, creating a list of all the traits they wanted most in a man on the snowflake-dotted paper, hoping to bring each of them their Mr. Rights. Surprisingly, writing the lists had been a lot of fun. And it had worked for two of them so far.

But since Krista already had a man, she hadn’t seen the point in listing characteristics of her soul mate. She didn’t need to hone her desires or to send her wishes into the universe for a man who could play the guitar or went to church every Sunday or had a dry sense of humor. She already had what she wanted. She had James.

Instead she’d listed everything else she still wanted. Marriage. Commitment. Family. To hear those three little words. Everything James hadn’t offered her after two years together. All the things she’d been denied far too long.

Krista gathered the edges of the page together, folding the spearmint paper down the middle and shoving it back into her coat. She hated the stupid list. Ever since she’d written it all down, Krista couldn’t stop thinking about all she didn’t have. The commitment and security she longed for, but still eluded her, was detailed across the Christmas stationary for all the world to see.

The list, written in unyielding ink, was like a fiery arrow pointing down at all she wanted. The slow swirl of dissatisfaction she’d been feeling in her relationship for the last year suddenly spiked, clouding over every aspect of her life until it was all she could think about.

But tonight was Valentine’s Day, the one night of the year where love held the most sway. And she was determined to use it to her advantage. This Valentine’s Day she wouldn’t be content with a box of chocolates, a bottle of smelly perfume, or an abnormally large stuffed bear. This year she only wanted one present for Valentine’s Day. She wanted James to say he loved her.

She had no doubt he felt the emotion. From the gentle way he kissed her first thing in the morning, the way he’d place his hand on the small of her back in crowds, and the brightness of his smile when she walked in the room, she was sure he loved her. He was just afraid to say it. But he’d lose that fear quickly, she thought with a smile, after she gave him his Valentine’s Day present.


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